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Dear Parents,

Last Spring we had great hope in returning to in-home classes with COVID numbers going down and many people getting vaccinated. The Adeo Leadership recently met with a medical doctor who serves on the COVID Task Forces of a major medical hospital in New York City and a private school on the Upper East Side. We were advised to teach the Adeo Program virtually this Fall.  

The doctor stated the Delta variant emerging in July has been a game changer. There are breakthrough incidences of people getting COVID even though they have been vaccinated. In addition, the exposure time was previously 10 minutes, but the Delta variant is far less. She gave several reasons to not have classes in person now. 

  •  Children 12 and under are not vaccinated and are more vulnerable. Simultaneously, vaccinated adult immunity is wearing off. 
  •  Schools are able to distance children 3 feet apart in rows and put students in pods. This is difficult to impossible to do in host homes. 
  •  Schools have put in ventilation systems to combat the spread of COVID. We are unable to confirm or do the same in host homes. 
  •  Making sure children are masked and wearing the masks properly is a constant challenge.  

With this information in mind and the health of our families and teachers as our top priority, we will start the Adeo Program in October with virtual (Zoom) classes. Mid January we will reassess the situation with the hope to switch to in person classes by the end of January. 

Please reach out to the Adeo office if you have any questions or need more information.

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