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Adeo's Plan for 2020-21

Dear Adeo Families,

The Adeo Clubs Fall 2020 program will be taught remotely. The Archdiocese of New York mandates all religious education programs to abide by strict COVID guidelines, which Adeo would not be able to enforce if classes were taught in host family homes. The safety and well-being of the children, families, caregivers, host families, and teachers is of paramount importance to us. We will continue to monitor and hope to return to an in-person learning experience in the future. 

We hope your children will continue learning together through our program this year.  At a time of strain and conflict in the world, we can find relief and courage through our shared faith. A fundamental education to continue deepening our understanding of God’s love is a precious gift to offer our children. These teachings will bring light to their hearts now and always. 

The Fall remote teaching program will offer families the ability to continue with The Adeo Clubs program even if you move temporarily to a location outside of New York City. If the program is able to return to an in-person learning experience in Spring 2021, we will continue to keep students in their groups together with some students remote learning for the remainder of the year.

This summer, Adeo has developed a rich new curriculum incorporating relevant artwork and activities to reinforce the student's learning experience and facilitate remote teaching. Teacher development and best practices for remote teaching are being put in place to be ready for the Fall when classes begin.

Registration will close September 18th. In light of parents having to wait to make decisions regarding school, Adeo has decided to waive the late fee this year. Please respect this registration deadline to allow for a smooth organization of student groups since the logistics will be more challenging, as they need to be done remotely. 

If you have any trouble with the website when registering online or if you need further information or have any questions, please call the Adeo office at 212-535-9329 or email