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Parent Guidelines

Student and Parent Guidelines

Adeo Manhattan Catholic Catechism Clubs teaches the Catholic faith to boys and girls from pre-school through Confirmation in seventh grade.  Volunteer teachers in­struct small classes, mostly in the homes of Adeo families.  The curri­culum is based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which the Church’s Magisterium issued in 1992.  We highly recommend that fam­ilies own and consult a copy.

Adeo operates under the jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of New York and is in compliance with Archdiocesan guidelines, which we think are important.  The Archdiocese puts a great emphasis on parental involve­ment.  While Adeo will do its best to educate your children in the faith, religious instruction begins in the home.  A child will fully benefit from Adeo if what is taught in class is affirmed in the home.

Sunday Mass:  Adeo assumes that the Catholic parents of its students practice their faith, especially with regard to Sun­day Mass attendance.  The Mass is the core of our faith, and we expect all Adeo families to take seriously the Sunday Mass obligation.

Registration at a Parish:  All families must be registered at a Roman Catholic parish in New York City in order to be able to participate in Adeo sacramental preparation. If you do not have a parish and need assistance with finding one, please contact us at the Adeo Clubs.

Attitude:  Adeo makes every effort to give its students sound instruc­tion in Catho­lic doctrine.  We expect children to come to class with a positive attitude toward the faith that is reinforced at home.  We encour­age parents not only to deepen the practice of their faith, but to use their children’s participation in Adeo as an incentive to acquire a deeper knowledge of Catholic doctrine.  The Church has been recently blessed with two great teaching pontificates, those of John Paul II and Benedict XVI, and we are glad to make recommendations with regard to books and articles.

Parents should notify the office immediately if they have a concern regard­ing their child or the program.

Class Environment:  Most of our classes are hosted in homes by volun­teer parents.  We ask that students and parents be courteous and respect the rules of the host family regarding behavior and pick-up and drop-off times.  It is important that students be dropped off on time and picked up promptly.

Behavior:  Students should behave in a respectful, Christian manner.  Adeo reserves the right to remove any child whose behavior is con­sistently negative and disruptive, and a refund will be made.

Class Attendance:  Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes on time.  When a student is sick or has a serious conflict, the parent should notify the hostess or teacher.  If there are excessive ab­sences, the parents will be called by the teacher.  Should additional absences occur, the Director may determine that the grade be repeated.

Safety:  Adeo and the host family cannot guarantee super­vision outside the parameters of the set class time.  It is essential that students not be drop­ped off more than ten minutes before and picked up not later than ten minutes after scheduled class time.  We cannot guarantee supervision be­yond these times.

Please update emergency contacts and change of phone numbers with the office.

Class Cancellation:  The Adeo class schedule follows the Manhattan private school calendar.  When schools are closed, Adeo is not in session.  In the event of inclement weather, Adeo follows the private school closings.

Class calendars are created according to the Archdiocesan guidelines and cover a required minimum of class time.  Therefore, classes should be cancelled only for grave reasons, and a missed class should be resched­uled or made up in some way.

The Sacraments:  As per Archdiocesan guidelines, sacramental pre­par­ation is at minimum a two-year process.

Preparation for First Communion begins in First Grade, with First Penance and First Communion in Second grade.  Students without previous catechesis who enter our program must complete two years of preparation regardless of age.

Confirmation is celebrated in the spring of 7th grade, following a year of Confirmation Prep I in 6th grade.  Students being confirmed must com­plete ten hours of “Christian service”, attend an Adeo day of retreat, and show a level of spiritual maturity necessary for Christian adulthood.  The student will be interviewed by the pastor and expected to pass an exam on Catholic doctrine and practice.

Older students who have not received Baptism, First Penance or Com­munion will meet with the Director to make plans for the reception of the Sacraments.

There are mandatory parent meetings connected with each sacrament.  Please check for dates listed on the Adeo Events calendar and download relevant Sacrament Packets off our website.

Registration Information:  Registration will take place online between March and June. Please check the Adeo calendar and the web site for updated informa­tion.  If you are a new registration, you must provide us with a copy of the child’s Baptismal certificate.

The maximum number of students per class is six, and students may not be added without permission of the Director.

Safe Environment:  The Adeo Clubs complies with the Safe Environment Guidelines set by the Archdiocese of New York.  All of our volunteers and host parents are required to submit to a background check and a child safety video training. All adults assisting with classes are expected to follow the Archdiocesan Code of Conduct.

For Parents: For information on talking with your children about safety, visit the Archdiocese Safe Environment web site at:

The Archdiocese has designed a coloring book for young children--You can download a copy at:   A comic book was designed for older children—you can download a copy at:

*If you have trouble with any of these links, you can visit the Archdiocese web site at and click on “Safe Environment” which will direct you to various resources.