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Our Mission

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The Adeo Clubs is a Catholic catechism program that serves the special spiritual needs of children in New York City. It began in 1981 with a few classes in eight homes scattered on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and was called Narnia Catechetical and Cultural Center, Inc. Today, our organization enrolls more 250 children, ages 3 through 17, in its various classes and programs.

Cultivating a lively, intellectual atmosphere for our students has been a key to our success. The Adeo Clubs do not rely on a classroom environment, since we do not want our children to consider their faith as just another "subject." We meet in private homes in small groups of four to six children to establish a warm and cheerful atmosphere. At the same time, we recognize that these children are often precocious and require a religious curriculum that is at least as challenging as that offered by their schools. 

As they come to understand their catechism, these children need a sense of deeper Catholic values to cope with the intense secular pressures of New York City life. An emphasis on personal moral and spiritual development is crucial, as many of these children may be leaders in the next generation.

Adeo searches out dynamic adult Catholics and trains them to instruct our small group classes—between four and six children. Our volunteer teachers are successful, busy people from various walks of life, including bankers, professional writers, educators, as well as mothers and fathers of our own children. Our teachers are well-informed and generous with their time because they care deeply for our children and the mission of the Church.