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Adeo is a Catholic non-profit organization that teaches children to love and to reason their faith by becoming familiar with the word of God in Scriptures and the rich tradition of the Church.

We seek to educate young people to lead through service:

Duc in altum or “put out into the deep”: Adeo prepares students to become witnesses of God’s love in society through the Sacraments and deeds of charity inspired by Jesus’ teachings in the Beatitudes and Works of Mercy.

“Our daily love”: Learning the catechism is not enough to know Jesus. We also teach children to pray. Adeo helps the students to develop a friendship with Jesus that permeates their everyday life: school, family, relationships, and other cultural and recreational activities.

Adeo students are taught that faith + love + reason + culture + progress are completely intertwined.

What does our name “Adeo” mean?
The name Adeo means to go towards. Adeo is a Latin verb composed by the preposition “ad” which means “towards” and the verb “eo” which means “to go.” Our name reflects the mission of Catholics and followers of Jesus: to go outside of one’s comfort zone. Adeo challenges students to share their faith by being a person for others: in their families, cities, social life, workplace, and culture.

Confirmandi dressed in a red robe holding a lit candle